The Supersonic Science Show

Supersonic Science is an interactive science spectacular, which consists of back to back interactive and fun filled experiments and demonstrations, which can be used for learning key ideas in Science. The audience is always amazed by the plethora of experiments covered in an hour, from flying potatoes, to exploding cotton. Now you have the opportunity to bring this fun and action packed show to your theater, school, summer school, even cruise ship, or practically any venue, to inspire people of all ages.

Science Experiment With Fire

“Was great to have the lovely Hamid back yesterday at The Queen’s Theatre. We all enjoyed his science experiments” - Queens Theatre.

Examples of just a few of the demonstrations:
  • Flaming Tornado
  • Flying pie tin
  • Levitating Snake
  • Methane Mamba
  • Glowing Gherkins
  • Vacuum bazooka
  • Hair raising experiment with Barbie
  • Tesla Coil 12" sparks
  • Flaming Music Tube
  • Hero's Engine
  • Balls of Fire
  • Exploding paint pots
  • Hot air balloon
  • Smoke rings
  • Flying potatoes
  • Engine powered by a cup of tea
  • Little bubbles with a big bang
  • Exploding cotton
  • Person inside giant bubble
  • Vacuum pack human in a bag

Science Experiments

"Thank you for a great science show. The kids and adults all loved it and I've never seen them so enthused and then so inspired to explore science."

What to expect

  • Contains back to back demonstrations
  • Involves breath taking demonstrations and experiments
  • A huge variety of experiments from electricity, flames, bangs to bubbles all in one hour;

The Science show captivates the audiences' imagination. The exhibition includes many exciting demonstrations, designed to inspire and enthuse through the use of the best Science demonstrations going.

I am a young but experienced science teacher, with sixteen years experience and currently teaching in a secondary school. I originally developed this show in order to bring a new dimension to the secondary Science Curriculum and to engage the wider public, of all ages.  I am passionate about Science and in particular learning and inspiring through spectacular demonstrations.

I look forward to sharing my passion and enthusiasm with any audience.

There are over 40 demonstrations which can be performed. Time and audience participation generally dictates the number of demonstrations used in any one show.

Science Experiment With Fire

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WHY book the show?

The Science show will bring a spark of extra excitement into anybody’s day, kick-start a new curriculum topic, or make your event go with a bang. With many years of presenting experience to a wide range of audiences, I can adjust my repertoire of demonstrations to suit the needs of the audience. It is safe, unique, fun and full of demonstrations with plenty of audience participation so call now or click here to submit your enquiry.

Want to raise money for your school?

PRIMARY SCHOOLS- Looking for ways to raise money? Then look no further. My show will both benefit and inspire the pupils and at the same time the school raise valuable funds.

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